Indian Restaurant is as varied and diverse as the cultures and languages of this great sub-continent, its flavors are as exotic as its climate and as varied as its people.
We are part of a unique collection of some of finest Indian restaurants.
We offer enjoyable, memorable dining experiences – delicious Indian restaurant, exciting interiors & stylish hospitality. Unusually, we offer genuine Indian food from the true sources – the gourmet homes & street stalls across India’s many regions – prepared by skilled chefs from those regions.
Our skilled chefs make each dish individually and we will be happy to make your dishes the way you prefer them, from mild to extra-hot.
Come for genuine delicious Indian food.
At The Maa Indian Restaurant, we consider our Indian Restaurant an art form. As our family has been passing down recipes for years, we bring those recipes to you.
We know your family time is important so let us do the cooking while you enjoy the ambiance and character of our establishment.
Enjoy a delicious meal and make it a memorable night with some great friends...